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Float On

Float On

This picture started off waaay differently. I’ll be providing an animated GIF of its progression for patrons with the next picture pack (as well as the high res)! If that sounds interesting to you, consider becoming a patron!

Clouds and oceans are two things I’ve dabbled with before (see below), but I’d like to get better at painting them. I still have lots to learn with clouds in particular.

Looking Back on 2015

This year was HUGE for Loading Artist!

I switched to doing this full-time, started a Twitch stream, and created as many comics this year than 2013 and 2014 combined! (Well, one short). I know I say this all the time, but thank you so much for sticking around (and extra special extra warm thanks to my patrons for making it all possible). 2016 is going to be even huger.


Like last year, I thought it would be interesting to see which comics were the most viewed. Starting from the 5th most viewed, to the 1st! Bear in mind I can only see the stats of views of the actual comic page, so any direct image linking or rehosting (e.g. on imgur) isn’t counted.

#5 – Life Lessons


#4 – No Years Resolutions


#3 – Help


#2 – Love Game

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that #4, #3, and #2 are the first 3 comics of 2015. I think them being around longer, and also being what people typically click on first when they view the Archives, achieves this effect.


#1 – Social Marketing

By far and away the most viewed Loading Artist comic of 2015 with over DOUBLE the views of #2’s Love Game. This was due to reaching the front page of /r/funny with the actual comic page (instead of a rehost). Thanks to redditor /u/Gengho for submitting it!

I hope that was interesting. Have fun with the new year, see you in 2016!!

– Gregor

Patreon now per MONTH!


Hey everyone! As of now my Patreon is set to be PER MONTH instead of PER COMIC! This is a good thing! Want to hear my reasons? Sure you do!

Reasons my Patreon is now monthly:

Simpler! Now you don’t need to think about setting a pledge per comic and a max monthly limit because your pledge IS the monthly limit.

Accurate! The $ number on my Patreon page will now show exactly how much I will actually earn this month. Back with ‘per comic’, the number only showed how much I’d get for the first comic in the month, and then actually be less and less as I continue posting comics throughout the month (as people’s max monthly limits would begin to kick in).

More comics! The main reason I originally went ‘per comic’ was because I started Patreon back when I was still going to my non-related day job every day and didn’t always have the time (or energy) to post a comic. Now that I’m doing this FULL TIME (all thanks to my patrons) I am dedicated to posting AT LEAST once a week, and now even posting TWICE a week!!

That pretty much sums it up.

If you haven’t already checked out my Patreon page but love the idea of supporting Loading Artist financially, give it a look!

Thanks everyone!