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August 29, 2011

I’m back and I am feeling better since the surgery (though still a bit fragile). I hope you all enjoy this comic as much as I enjoyed painting it. Now to think of next week’s comic..

Oh and thanks for all the get well wishes!

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  1. Sarah-wr says:

    Oddly familiar cause I know a James, only he’s one hell of a lame guy.

  2. Psyh says:

    When you say “painted”, you mean you did this with real paint, not a computer program?

  3. That One Guy says:

    The feels, man. The feels.

  4. Finn the Human says:

    Reading this while listening to Otherside by Macklemore ft. Fences… I’m going to cry.

  5. Quix says:

    awwwwwe thats the saddest thing…

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