Hello and welcome to the first ever Loading Artist blog post. Here is a list of resolutions I plan on enforcing on myself and Loading Artist for 2012:

Keep a Blog

An obvious first choice and pretty self-explanatory, but to put it simply I want to keep a blog to write about any news or updates that have to do with Loading Artist or myself.

Start a Tumblr

Actually I already have an account, but I haven’t posted anything yet because I’m still checking out the scene and seeing how Tumblr works. I am liking what I seeing, so I want to kick it off soon. It will feature doodles and drawings from me, maybe some behind-the-scenes Loading Artist stuff, and rebloggings of stuff I like or find interesting. I will officially announce when I start Tumblring (is that the right word? Eh, let’s go with it).

Keep a Diary (and also write in it)

I can’t remember if my memory has always been this bad, but it is kind of alarming how poor it is. I want to be able to look back in fifty years and remember the tiniest of experiences. It will also help me grow ideas for future Loading Artist comics, because I would have a backlog of experiences and scenarios to choose from.

Less Reddit

Loading Artist grew very well in it’s first year of 2011, and I want to expand on it in 2012. This means I need to find time for all the extra work I plan on putting in, and an easy place to find all that spare time is scraping it off Reddit’s beautiful beautiful website. I admit I spend way too long on Reddit (Firefox tells me I have accessed it 20,253 times*), and if I’m not on Reddit I’m most likely looking at Jes’ screen while she browses Reddit (“Hey click on that one, no the one above your cursor near the top, yeah that one… hehe, cool.”).

* To find out how many times you have accessed a website (via Firefox), go to that website, right click on an empty space anywhere on the page and click ‘View Page Info’, and then click the ‘Security’ tab and it says it next to “Have I visited this web site before today?”

Thank you for reading the first Loading Artist blog post. I hope you found it somewhat interesting, and if you didn’t I applaud your determination to making it this far. This list of resolutions is by no means everything I plan on doing with Loading Artist this year as there are other things that are coming (merchandise/shop being a main one) and a few other ideas that are still a secret.

See you next time.

- Gregor