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Show Comments (19)

  1. Hunter Gillis says:

    That is the opposite of a problem.
    Ps. Love your work

  2. G da Raffe says:

    where’s the spooder?

  3. Andres Caballero says:

    I was on loadingartist.com when this comic went live . Keep it up man !

  4. Andres Caballero says:

    Man , its nice to see how your style changed over the years . Keep it up man !

  5. MegaPandaSwag says:

    why is there a spider on his hat?

    1. Anon says:

      There’s always a spider.

      1. フオクシイザパイラトさんとベリ says:

        When Did that spider thing start?

        1. edgenu1tyher0 says:

          Probably since the first comic of 2016 http://www.loadingartist.com/comic/boom/

          1. bubbascal says:

            Why though? Why did it start?

            1. Ryan says:

              It’s just an Easter egg he wanted to add. Nothing much.

  6. XB4T says:

    Amazing as always man! Loved watching you stream this last night! (P.s My essay went well!) :3

  7. Jack N Off says:

    @kirby the furry fox not really

  8. Ant one says:

    Hahaha good one !

  9. Kirby the Furry Fox says:

    One of us! One of us! One of us!

    1. Jack N Off says:

      Screw off kirby the furry fox

      1. QupidHelperTrash says:

        Hey be nice 🙂

    1. Nienke says:

      More like werecat.

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