Loading Artist

New Shirts!


Have you ever looked in your closet and thought:

“Damn I don’t have any Loading Artist related shirts.”

Or maybe you already have some of my shirts, but still you thought:

“Damn I don’t have ENOUGH Loading Artist related shirts.”

Well today is your lucky day because I have just put together a new collection of NEW DESIGNS. These designs are so new, even the old designs are new. (I gave those a face lift.)

Check it out now! There’s even a sale on! Totally planned!!


Now that Halloween is over, I figured it was time to change my pumpkin avatar. I came up with this idea of wearing a Loading Artist mask (ironically Halloweeny), but as I was painting it I thought I may as well paint my whole face too for the practice. See below for the masked and unmasked versions.


Oh and I’ll be putting together a timelapse GIF later for patrons! If that stuff sounds interesting to you, consider signing up! It’s how I can keep working on Loading Artist!

A Minor Readjustment

So I realized I have to adjust my gaming stream schedule a tiny bit: instead of streaming games at 10am NZT Saturday, I’ll be streaming 2 hours later at 12pm NZT. Which is pretty much right now as soon as I post this. (Sorry, Europe!) Check here to see my streaming schedule in your local timezone. […]

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