Loading Artist

Website Updates 2015

One of the benefits of having been a games user interface artist is that I’m never completely happy with anything, therefore I’m always on the look out for ways I can improve on the site’s interface.

So.. welcome to a (slightly) improved version of Loading Artist! I’ve taken all of your suggestions (and bug reports) into consideration and got together with my go-to web developer Jordan (from Extra Ordinary comics) to do some stuff!

What’s new?

Redesigned front page! Now there are more blog posts visible as well as highlights from other areas of the site. I’ll change these highlights every now and then.

Super Supporters are now visible on mobile!

Improved functionality of the Super Supporters! Now the special animations play on hover (on desktop) and play on tap (on mobile/touch devices)! If you haven’t seen them, or didn’t realise there even were special animations, try it out under the comic here!

Keyboard support! Browse between the comics using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard! Press the ? key for a random comic! (doesn’t require the Shift key, just the / will do)

New bug! Using the arrow/? keys whilst editing a comment will now browse between the comics, oops! (Thanks to Daniel Wilson for pointing this out (I’ve added it to the new list of things to consider for next time))

Improved merch options beneath relevant comics! Now comics have the ability to have specific merch links relevant to that comic (instead of just a generic “shirt!” link that points to the shirt store). Here’s an example, and here’s another!

Mobile drop down menu is easier to access and has larger text.

Better ad replacements if ads are not being shown. (no more messy text)

.. and a bunch of various minor positional tweaks and fixes, as well as some behind the scenes improvements.

Anyway, that’s it for website stuff for now. Time to go back to focusing on filling up that comic archive of mine! Thanks for reading!

My First TV Interview

I don’t do very well in front of a camera. My cheeks flush red, my eyes get glassy, and overall I look (and act) completely stoned. Not the ideal look to have on a children’s television show. Luckily a combination of the lighting and the resolution of my webcam disguises this pretty well.


Something else that’s disguised pretty well is the uncomfortable anxiety I’m hiding behind my eyes. I feel awkward talking on the phone. I feel awkward being on a webcam. Talking into a webcam is the ultimate awkward combination of communication for me (especially when I only receive audio). I almost think I would do better in a face to face interview. We’ll see how it goes when I’m [eventually] on Conan O’Brien.

Anyway, I’m just happy it didn’t turn out to be something to post to /r/cringe.